Are you wanting to stand out as an expert in your market with a book, but not sure where to start?

Get the simple process to write AND launch a best-selling book that attracts clients and builds your credibility.


Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to build credibility and a reputation as an expert.
And it's easier than you think.

Get the easy to follow process to create your expert book; from writing, promotion and beyond. 


how to write + edit your book
(even if you feel you have no time)


how to easily self-publish your book
(even if you have no experience)


how to brand yourself as an expert author
(even if you have no branding experience)


how to promote your biz with your book
(even if you have little time or budget)


how to get more leads for your business
(even if you have little tech or marketing skills)


how to get more opportunities
(even if you have no idea what to do next)

Get EVERYTHING you need to write, publish and promote your book

Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out. 


Even if you're not a writer, an editor, or techie this is everything you need to write, publish, launch and get MORE clients with your expert book.

With Author Exposure Blueprint you get access to all training + resources in our online member area. Your library includes:

The Ultimate Book Plan

This planner will simplify your writing process and finally get your book DONE.

Design Your Cover

Step-by-step process to get a stellar cover designed that will get you more sales.

Publishing Deep Dive

Steps for Amazon, Lulu, Kindle, KDP to make it easy to get your book out.

The Publishing Process

The exact step-by-step process to get your book ready for self-publishing on all the major publishing sites.

Launch Your Book

An easy-to-follow plan to get your website, social media and list building in place before launch. 

Grow your Reach

How to use publishing platforms and promotions to get more sales and opportunities.

Generate Leads

How to turn your book into a lead generation tool to grow your business.

Social Media Success

How to use social media channels to promote your expert book and your authority.

Author Pages

How to use these FREE and amazing tools to brand yourself as a professional author.

Profitable Book Funnel

Get this proven, done-for-you author funnel to begin turning browsers into buyers.

Virtual Book Tour

Interact with fans, appeal to new readers, and grow your fan base with a fun virtual event.

Book Signing Event

How to plan and execute a successful book signing with templates & checklists! 

Book Giveaway

What to include in your book giveaway funnel to reach more people and grow your reach.


Keynote Planner

How to turn your book and knowledge into an in-demand keynote.

Book Speaking Gigs

How to turn your book into a way to land more speaking engagements.

Access everything 24/7/365 on any device!


Get the Expert Blueprint

Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out. 


Dan Roberts,
President of Ouellette & Associates

"When a CIO reaches out to us and is interested in our services, rather than sending him a bunch of marketing junk, we send him a book." 

James Altucher, 
Investor Entrepreneur

“Every entrepreneur should self-publish a book, because self-publishing is the new business card.” 

Rob Bernshteyn,
CEO of Coupa Software

“Writing a book is a great way to get your point of view in the public domain. Prospects and customers can learn what you stand for—and what they can expect from your company.”

You’ll Also Get Access To


Success Habits

Starting, running, and growing a thriving business isn't about natural talent or instincts. 

Sure, you must have a good idea and a good marketing plan. But, you also need to develop the behaviors that are the hallmark of all the most successful business owners.

You'll learn the 5 essential areas where high-performing business owners excel and the proven tactics for implementing each.

A $297 VALUE

Author's Marketing Tool Guide 

With so many possible marketing and promotion tools to choose from for marketing your book, business and services - how do you know which one to choose?

These comprehensive comparison charts will help you decide the exact tool for your situation for email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and so much more. Consider it a secret cheat sheet to the best software options right at your finger tips to help you sell more books and promote yourself as an author. 

A $197 VALUE

The Ultimate Author's Checklists

Do you sometimes feel like there is so much to do to promote your book and yourself that it's hard to keep track of everything?  Not anymore!

The Ultimate Author's Checklists gives you an easy to use, complete A-Z for the most common must-do marketing, publishing and promotion tasks. From Cover Design and Publishing to a Book Giveaway Funnel and a Book Launch Event you will have a cheatsheet to guide you and keep you on track the entire way. This is an indispensable tool in any author's marketing tool box!

A $197 VALUE

The Non-Designer + Non-Techie Training to Design ANYTHING! 

You used to have to wait for your graphic designer to design professional looking marketing materials, social media graphics and books covers. And you were stuck with a hefty invoice, but not anymore! 

With Canva even the most non-technical, non-designer can make beautiful graphics, brochures, ebooks, flyers, business cards, social media banners and graphics and MORE. Yes, YOU can design anything with Canva. And we are going to show you exactly how to do it. 

This 32-part series walks you through in video with accompanying checklists from setting up your FREE Canva account to designing just about anything you could imagine - like a pro. 

This training alone WILL save you THOUSANDS of $$$ this year.

A $297 VALUE

100+ Editable Cover Designs

Your book cover creates the first impression on your potential readers. So, your book cover design is one of the most important aspects of the marketing of your book. If the cover is not designed well, it will not put forth the professional, expert look you're going for. That's why we're giving you a head start on a professional book cover design for your expert book.

Get 100+ professionally designed cover template designs to get you started on your cover design.

A $997 VALUE

Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to build credibility and a reputation as an expert. And YOU can do it.

David Mattson,
CEO of Sandler Training

“Focus on writing the book for positioning or to promote brand awareness.”

Scott Moorehead,
CEO of Round Room

“We use our book as a recruiting tool for speaking opportunities."

Ian Gotts,
CEO of Elements

“Distribution is also easy. 
Give it away.”

You Can Have Your Book Done in 60 Days or Less.

Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out. 


Get the Author Exposure Expert Blueprint

Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out. 


Let's Review What You Get 

All the tools you need to plan, write, publish and promote you book PLUS a done for your ready to use Book Funnel to turn your browsers into buys and fans. 

That's about $2.70 a day. 

For some of you, that’s the equivalent of skipping the LARGE on your latte in exchange for business, network and specialty tools that get you where you need to go, with WHO you need to go with.

Whatever $2.70 translates to inside a day of your specific life, know this:  

When you join the Author Exposure Blueprint, it’ll come back to you. FAST.  

In fact, in 6-12 months, you’ll look back and laugh and laugh at how it made you sweat. 

That initial chunk of change you were so reluctant to part with will be the very best thing you ever did for your business. 

Get the Author Exposure Expert Blueprint

Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out. 


"I know you have a book in you, and getting it out will help you reach more people, grow your business and help you make a difference. I am excited to simplify the process and walk you through each step!" 

Torie Mathis, Founder Smart AF & Author Exposure